About the Blog


I’m a Damn Student, What do I Know? is an Award Winning student led Events management blog, written by an events management graduate – ME (otherwise known as Caitlin Kobrak). The blog is about the events industry but with the primary focus being on event students – current, prospective and graduates, as well as individuals looking to move into the events industry.

I’m a Damn Student was started in May 2011, because I was unable to find any ‘real‘ information about what is was like to study an events management degree from a student’s perspective. Sure, there was plenty of information about why ‘X Uni has the best events course EVER’ written by those actual universities but that wasn’t, nor is, honest or reliable. After a complicated first year that had major downs (& a few ups) I created this blog so that YOU could hear from actual students about what its really like studying and working within the events industry.

Whilst I am sadly no longer a student (as of May 2014) the title of this blog is still relevant to so many of us – you will find that this blog covers a range of different topics, the menu at the top allows you to find the posts that are most relevant to you – because who wants to read about being in final year when you’re a fresher?!

I’m a Damn Student won the 2014 National Blog Award for Best Individual Events Blog & the 2015 National Blog Award for Highly Commended Individual Events Blog, which was a crazy, wonderful & unexpected experience! I’m a Damn Student was a member of the Bullish Blog Network –  which brought together a network of bloggers who wrote for young, ambitious individuals (that’s YOU) about topics that empower them!

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