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You have value, no matter your age.

Picture by Doug Robichaud (Via Unsplash) The constant echoing of advice from all Event Professionals (myself included) that experience is vital to gain a job in the events industry, whilst coming from a good place can sometimes be detrimental. It can be detrimental because often it means you are forced to take on unpaid internships for… Read more »

5 AMAZING Opportunities for Event Students

Opportunities. That’s one of the main things I like to promote to students, prospects that will enable you to start your career with a boost. (@EventStudents1 re-tweets a lot of internships & job openings that are relevant to students – definitely worth a follow) From personal experiences of taking part in the Eventice, a variety… Read more »

Festival Volunteering & Greenbelt 2014

I’ve spoken about Greenbelt festival countless times on this blog, due to interning with them in 2011 & volunteering with the programming team for the last few years! I know I am bias when I say this festival is brilliant, but thats not going to stop me from saying so! Not only are they an amazing… Read more »