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How to become the BEST Event Student in 2017!

Photography by Clem Onojeghuo Answer: EXPLORE Taking that step outside your own comfort zone can be the pinnacle moment that gives you direction. Whilst a majority of people who read this blog are currently (or past) Event Management students we are not all striving for the exact same career aspirations. I have great friends of mine who… Read more »

Is University a chance to work hard or play hard?

Picture by Chiara Pinna (Via Unsplash) As we move closer to the start of the academic year I bet there are a small handful of you who are about to be starting your first year as an Events Management University Student. To you I say GOOD LUCK & why yes, this blog does cover a ton… Read more »

University Fresher Tips 2.0

Hello September! You know what that means, BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Wait what! You mean because I have graduated University I can’t partake in these festivities!? Are you crazy?! I love reading people’s tips for students heading into the academic year, you may remember last year I posted my tips for Freshers & this year… Read more »