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How to become the BEST Event Student in 2017!

Photography by Clem Onojeghuo Answer: EXPLORE Taking that step outside your own comfort zone can be the pinnacle¬†moment that¬†gives you direction. Whilst a majority of people who read this blog are currently (or past) Event Management students we are not all striving for the exact same career aspirations. I have great friends of mine who… Read more »

The Eventice 2017

Photograph by Laura Lee Moreau I have been an Event Management Graduate for over 2 years now. November 2014 saw me back in Gloucestershire donning a Harry Potter style robe, and one of my fanciest dresses to celebrate the end of 4 years! The 27 months since have been pretty spectacular. But the real change… Read more »

Last Week of May – UPDATE

Photograph by Sonja Langford I’m currently in the process of searching for and applying for jobs – anyone want to employee a highly motivative events graduate who can blog like no-one is watching? Oh I kid *but seriously I am looking for a job!*  Due to the bank holiday weekend it has been quite a… Read more »