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I am now a ‘morning’ person (sort of).

I owe a lot to my placement year. Prior to the 12 months I had never worked a 5 day 9-5 office job, instead my experience lay in Saturday jobs & 18 hour+ event days. It wasn’t that I was incapable of working 5 days a week plus weekends just that I hadn’t put the… Read more »

Placement Year: 2 Weeks Left

Source In less than 2 weeks I shall be finished with my placement.Done.Finished. And it has been such a learning curve working for 12 months. I’m not too sure it has sunk in that the end is quite so near! It has been a busy 12 months & the last 4 months have been particularly… Read more »

That ‘growing up’ feeling of fear

This past week my younger brother turned 18.Today various friends are handing in their dissertations.And in a few months I shall be finished with my Placement. It hit me yesterday that I am about to be at that stage where I will no longer have education to hide behind from, suddenly I will have to… Read more »