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Take your space.

Photo by Hannu-Pekka Peuranen on Unsplash Zero. That is the number of female keynote speakers at the 2018 consumer electronics show (CES) that took place this past week. I see the same people speak at events all the time. They are white, middle-aged, men. You see this in technology, politics, educations, sciences and advertising. The last four years… Read more »

ISES UK: What should events look like as the sector stands right now?

Picture taken by me (Instagram) Last Thursday (21st January 2016) I headed down into trendy Shoreditch to check out Dinerama for the first ISES UK event of 2016. If you didn’t already know International Special Events Society is an association for ‘event industry professionals that are passionate about knowledge, networking and event creativity.‘ I’ve been part of the Education Committee… Read more »