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Who made you an expert?

Photograph by Wesson Wang   Recently I watched an online webinar about Social Influencers that’s title implied I would walk away with 6 strategies for Higher-Return Content Marketing! I was sold. The person holding the webinar was a CEO of a company, an author of a course in Content Marketing and has written best-selling books… Read more »

Stop with Event Education vs Event Experience

  Photograph by Michael Mroczek A conversation that keeps happening far too often & far too regularly is the one which pits event degrees against experience! I’ve spoken at length about my hate for this topic – because anyone with common sense can see that they both have their values. Not only is this backed by… Read more »

Shifting Opinions

Photograph by Annie Spratt I have a lot of opinions. I mean seriously if you have a couple of hours – okay more like a couple of spare days – then hit me up on anything to do with politics, feminism, the UK education system, global warming, lack of education/understanding/communication on most issues, diversity in the… Read more »