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How To Build Your Events Career.

Photography by Danielle Macinnes  A couple of months ago I had the absolute pleasure of co-running Helen Moon‘s EWL Coffee Morning discussion, with two of my co-collaborators and great friends; Elena Clowes and Priya Narain. As co-founders of Event First Steps the discussion was around how to build your own career within the events industry – a topic which… Read more »

Ways to find a job as a Student!

When you read articles that tell you 734,000 16-24 year old are unemployed (2014 statistics) it can be a little disheartening. Regardless if this is an improved number from previous years, the undeniable truth that we have to face is that – a degree cannot guarantee a job! Obviously volunteering, taking on internships & partaking in placement… Read more »

How to effectively search for a Job?

(source) It is now that time of year where the end of university is looming and the inevitability of becoming a graduate is all too real. People are soon going to be asking you about your plans for when you finish, what career you are wanting to work in & then they will pass on… Read more »