How to negotiate a pay rise

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

I’m currently going through the process of negotiating a pay rise and promotion for myself, and I’ve no shame in saying it is something that I have been incredibly nervous to do. I don’t have much experience in asking for more money, and sadly I find talking about money at work really hard! However, I got given some brilliant advice from the Step Up Club, that has really really helped me, and I honestly feel everyone needs to be armed with this weapon!

You need to consider the WHOLE PACKAGE. 

Never just ask for the thing you want, ask for more.

You need to have bargaining chips to play with. The clue is in the title, it is a negotiation which means making compromises.

Want a pay rise of £3,000? Ask for £4,000 and getting sent on a training course – you can then negotiate down to the 3k you really want. They think they’ve got a deal, and you’re walking away a very happy employee with the exact pay rise you wanted!  Only you need to know what the main thing you’re asking for – and you never know, they could surprise you by agreeing to your whole package!

Asking for more money is never easy, I’ve also been told that it doesn’t get much easier as the years go on! This isn’t the only step – they actually break it down into 5 key areas;

  1. Prep (most important) so you can show why you deserve what you’re asking for.
  2. Brand You – helps you go into the negotiation and not take it so personally.
  3. Self Promotion – take ownership of what you do.
  4. Transaction – when you use the whole package.
  5. Confidence – you’ve got this!

And after I graduated Uni, this was something that I was completely unprepared for – I wish someone had shared tips like this when I was first applying for jobs!

In fact, this topic was inspired from speaking to some Brighton Event Students, earlier this week – Matt James invited myself and my brilliant friends and First Steps co-founders Elena & Priya to be part of a web panel.

Matt is currently guest lecturing at a couple of Uni’s, and talking to students about the practicalities of entering the events industry, he’s got a strong knowledge to share having written and published a book called ‘Become an Event Planner: Secrets for Getting Hired from Employers, Recruiters, and Event Professionals‘.

Our web panel supported what Matt had been discussing, but bought in some context and advice for the three of us who have both been through the event education route, and are still in the early stages of our careers.  We shared things we’d wished we had known before entering the jobs market, what we weren’t prepared for after graduation, and why we advocate getting involved with the industry through networking, volunteering to name just a few points 🙂 

That, however, is another topic for another day!

For now, let’s start getting prepped to negotiate for more at work!