Time Management

Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

There are many articles and books that preach to be able to teach you the skills to be better at managing your time. It is pretty simple and isn’t some secret that ‘successful’ people hoard.

Fundamentally you need to make time.

That 20 minutes spent in bed every morning scrolling through Instagram – why not utilise it differently?

Your commute on the train – rather than watching last nights I’m a celeb, use the time to read/listen to a podcast/write your to-do list (insert thing you are aiming to find more time for)

Take some big names like Garry Vee, Sophia Amoruso, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Lewis Hamilton – each in very different careers, each working on multiple projects at once – they just know how to carve out time each day to hit their goals.

I often cite not having enough time to juggle everything going on, but I know the real issue is that I am just not making time for it. Sometimes it is far easier to watch Netflix (citing the need for self-care) than give myself half an hour to make headway with a project!

10/15 minutes might be all that is needed!

So if like me you’re struggling to balance your time – join me in my December aim of carving out slots of time for all those things I am still to complete!

You might be a fan of certain apps. I’m keeping it old school with my handwritten to-do list & a better focus on what I need to get done before the year is out!