Grown Up Update Time

Photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash

When I finished uni and moved back home, I said to my parents it would only be for a year.

That 12 months quickly turned into 41 months, as is typical for most people my age! However, in grown-up updates, I’ve finally flown the family nest! That’s right, I’m embracing pretending to be an adult with no money but a much easier commute & a fantastic flatmate! 😂😍🏠

It all happened very quickly, which I think has actually worked in my favour, otherwise, I worry I would have had too much time to overthink the decision of trading in disposable income with no more midweek (or weekend) drinks/brunches/eating out!

I’ve moved from north of north London and set up shop south of the river, and switched a 2-hour commute to one that takes less than 50 minutes!

Plus… GPJ is moving home too! Yep, we’re two weeks away from saying goodbye to Kingston and meeting our new neighbours in central London! (Making my commute even shorter!)

Of course, it is all still taking time to adjust – it has taken us 3 weeks to learn how to make the fancy smart meter turn on the heating, but I’ve already become accustomed to being able to walk to the station in under 5 minutes! I’m hoping this will start to give me a little more time to work on all the different projects that have had to take a small step back.

We’ve got some exciting plans brewing for First Steps, I’ve also just started a Diploma course that will be keeping me busy (alongside everything else) until April 2018. Both of which I will be sharing here on the blog!

So there you have it – a quick update on life.

Plus as of tonight, Twitter has said goodbye to 140 characters!

It is all changing!

**Disclaimer: my flat looks nothing like the picture above. Although I would LOVE to live in a place with a blush pink door!