10 whole years!

Photograph by Brooke Lark

I read a fair few blogs, and it seems people go BIG when it comes to their blog ‘birthdays’ celebrating 1 year, 2 years etc. I’ve only seen a handful make it to the 5-year mark.

Well, ladies and gents – taking inspiration from the traditional blogging community today marks a BIG BIG DATE!

12th August 2007 – 1o years ago to the day – that is when I first started blogging!

Yep, that’s right I’ve been doing this shit for a whole decade!

Aged 14 a much younger, but not much smaller, Caitlin started BlogByKobrak.

14-year-old me with my Opa

At the time not enough people were talking about the hardships of Secondary School and obviously, I felt there was a gap in the market!

That blog followed me through my GCSE, ALevels and setting off to University. I shared school trips, family holidays, the process, struggles and pressure of figuring out your life at 16/17 – you might try to call it a ‘lifestyle blog’ although the more honest description would have been ‘teenage diary’.

I wrote on BBK on and off for 5 solid years before I jumped ship and moved permanently across to  ‘I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know?’ 19-year-old Caitlin was far more concerned about getting a job within the Events Industry!

And look at where that journey has taken us now!

So yes, today we celebrate Ten whole years. Damn!

Photography by Martin James 

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