Who made you an expert?

Photograph by Wesson Wang


Recently I watched an online webinar about Social Influencers that’s title implied I would walk away with 6 strategies for Higher-Return Content Marketing!

I was sold.

The person holding the webinar was a CEO of a company, an author of a course in Content Marketing and has written best-selling books in this specific area. Great someone with experience and knowledge.

Well, it was a waste of time.

Firstly, they read directly of the slide that we could all see. Word for word.

Secondly, they didn’t add any of their personal experience. Nada to show how the ideas might work in practice.

and finally, everything they said was common practice that most of us do on social media already. Plus it is all written in 1000’s of free articles online.

If you’re an expert I’m expecting to learn something new. Maybe the steps are the same as in all the thousands of blog posts already out there on the subject. BUT then give me the personal experience. Give context and understanding.

Don’t try and sell simple social media tips as strategies for connecting with influencers!

Am I an expert in Snapchat because I use it every day? If that all it takes then I could be an ‘expert’ in so many areas; Commuting via trains, Netflix, Podcasts, Spotify.

Does the fact I use my Fjallraven Kanken backpack every day (and own 4 different designs) mean I can talk about the backpack industry as an expert?

The answer is no.

To be an expert you have to provide new thinking, new ideas. Be a challenger. Be at the front of the line trying new things.

What do you think? 


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