The number 1 thing to know about job hunting as an Events Graduate

Photograph by Ian Schneider

The pressure when you graduate is all about landing the first job.

Obviously, it has to be your dream job – the perfect one that you love and all your friends secretly want! It isn’t allowed to be anything other than the BEST job – plus, you have to be quick about it. No waiting around and spending time looking for the first few months.


NOPE – it’s all a lie.

I’ve friends who got a job right out of uni and are still there, others who’ve started new jobs every year since leaving uni. I’ve friends who found, on paper, the perfect job but left after 6 months. I’ve friends who went travelling for over 12 months and still found great jobs. Some, it took a while to find something and they went back to retail work before they getting a role in events. It took me 6 months and even then it wasn’t an official job but a freelance role. Some just went straight into freelancing and others are still working out what they want to do when they are older!

Thing is, that pressure to be quick on the job hunt it’s coming from you, no-one else!

Sure people like to *really* ask what you’re going to do now that you’ve graduated – but mostly it’s because they’re nosey.

If you’re happy, able to pay your bills, feel comfortable and have a semi-plan in mind – don’t worry.

When I left uni and moved home I set a goal of 6 months. By November 2014 I wanted to be in an events job. I decided to take a break before I went head first into applying for jobs, so I went travelling for a few weeks. I then took on a nannying job to earn some cash, because as my Dad has always said – he is not a cashpoint! And I did some volunteering/freelance event work alongside it all.

The 6-month goal was personal. My graduation was in November and I really didn’t want to be the only one of my friends (and class) not in an events job.

How I first started working at GPJ was not the ‘perfect’ scenario – in fact, it was originally just 3 weeks of admin work to help Sales and Marketing. That was then extended and they offered a freelance administrative position within Strategy and Planning. I freelanced at GPJ for just over a year before I was offered the job as Junior Strategist last January.

There is no perfect way to land an events job. The internet will try to tell you there is. People will try to tell you there is. But it isn’t true.

There is also no right way to go about looking or finding a job.

There is no set time in which you need to land an events job to have a successful career.

So fresh graduate, take a little pressure off yourself. You’ve finished university – that in itself is an impressive feat!

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