How to become the BEST Event Student in 2017!

Photography by Clem Onojeghuo


Taking that step outside your own comfort zone can be the pinnacle moment that gives you direction.

Whilst a majority of people who read this blog are currently (or past) Event Management students we are not all striving for the exact same career aspirations.

I have great friends of mine who have found a company where they are in their element. Some work in a small team of no more than 6 people running education courses for one very specific niche industry, others work in venues – big and small – across the whole of the UK where they run a wide variety of events from photo-shoots to weddings. Other friends are in catering, work for associations, have set up their own event companies, work in production, or have joined an agency!

What is fantastic is seeing the many different areas people end up working in. That whilst this industry is small, it doesn’t have to be as competitive as is first described to us when we set out on finding our first job!

Monday is the deadline for the 2017 Eventice application process – if you have a spare hour over this weekend & have been thinking of applying then I would highly recommend you go ahead a give it a go!

I think an area that is often overlooked by lecturers is pushing for students to explore the wide variety of career options available within events. That working in the world of logistics is not the only job option available – although I should add there is also nothing wrong if that is the path you are wanting to take, man my level of respect for my friends and colleagues who do that job everyday is exceptionally high!

Taking a personal look at this, in my final year of uni I had no idea what I would do when I left. I had established operations was not the place for me, but I was faced with a complete lack of understanding from the uni of other options available to me. Where I am in my career is more of a fluke than a deliberate decision.

One area of research that I think all students should take is in exploring the actual breadth of the industry. Seeing the many different ways event professionals have ended up in their current job roles, but more importantly finding out and  understanding what these jobs actually entail.

Now it is all good for me to pipe up with this viewpoint, but where do you go to find this info?! Fear not I’ve got that covered!

Exhibition News have some great interviews with event professions; 2 minutes with... and my working life are just a few examples out there.

Event Magazine have quite the collection of great interviews; 60 seconds with… interviews with Event 100 & 30 under 30 list (why yes here is one with me!)

My fantastic friend Elena Clowes has a terrific series on her blog called Women of the Week which is a great one to go catch up on!

Another event blog series comes from the brilliant Cecilia with her series Make it Happen & yes you can read one with me 😉

If you are more of a visual person, don’t worry I’ve got the perfect one for you! In fact here is one that gives you access to hundreds of event professionals from around the world!  Silvia created Events Uncovered TV and has interviewed over 300 event profs! Yes you heard that right 300! & you might have guessed it – there is also one with me!

Apart from Event Magazine (check to see if your University has a subscription to this magazine) all the above resources are 100% free. Just a click of a button away.

I came very late to the party in knowing all of this is out there – and the list doesn’t stop here, there are many many many more people sharing their own stories, interviews, videos & podcasts with event profs. A lot of people share by speaking at events, speaking directly students at university. I’ve only shared a couple of places to start this homework!

Is homework a real thing I can give people?! Would you even do homework?!

Maybe I’ll pretend that this won’t just be a fictitious task that not many people will take – but if you’ve got some time today, tomorrow, this week, later this month – whenever! Take 30 minutes to look at some of the resources mentioned. Explore your options & let me know if (aka HOW) it helps! @blogbykobrak

Also keep your eye out this year for some exploratory type content, that might fit into this category! 2017 I shall be testing a few more areas of content creation & pushing some aspects of this blog forward!