Goals and Aims; Personal Reflection!

Photograph by Jordan Whitfield

One of my favourite Event Profs to follow on Snapchat is the ever fantastic Mary Baird-Wilcock (follow The Simplifiers on Snapchat). 

Mary is currently on a retreat in Spain working on her goals as a CEO and for her business – I’ve found it fascinating watching her share this journey and the process over the last 2 days. The daily list of early morning meditation and dance parties mixed with real business focused objectives. The point that gave me the food for thought and spark to write this post, was when Mary shared the process of writing and creating her own personal goals of what she wants. Having started the process & shared them on the first day,  she revisited them and adapted them so they moved away from needing other people to help her achieve them. 

I might not run my own business, but I do have ambitions and goals. Mary’s snapchat story made me take a look back at these last few months and I’ve realised that this year has been a turning point in me working out what I (singular Caitlin) want to achieve both within my career & outside.

I have been striving to be a part of the bigger picture within the event industry. It is the reason I took part in the Eventice back in 2014. It is the reason I became active on social media with event conversation. It is why I continue to write this blog. It is a core reason as to why I am active within the industry outside of just being part of GPJ. It’s a massive reason as to why I genuinely love my job because as an organisation they support and encourage this.

But my aim is  no longer just to be a part of the industry – but rather to be part of the change.

Whilst events continue to develop and grow it seems the age-old conversation of experience vs degrees – women in events – keep popping up. Great points are raised but still I struggle to see any real action happening!

I want a seat at the table that is at the forefront of making the difference and creating the shift.

I’ve never actually vocalised that aim, but it is why I took on the role of Director at Large for Education and sit on the ILEA UK Board. It is one of the reasons myself, Priya and Elena created Event: First Steps. This table might not already exist, but even if it doesn’t then I’m up for creating it!  

Thanks to the amazing friends, mentors and all round awesome event professionals I’m proud to know, I’ve realised that the real success and change comes from people who go out and do things. It is all good being passionate but it is time to channel that into something productive!

Time to be the change. Time to create our own tables and chairs!

It links quite nicely with the fact the Event 100 Club shortlist was announced yesterday & I am exceptionally proud to be on the 30 under 30 shortlist. Voting is open till next Friday 25th November, and it truly would mean a lot if you went to vote HERE.

Also many of my wonderful colleagues & friends are on that list;