Brexit & the Events Industry

Elliott Stallion

Photograph by Elliott Stallion (via Unsplash

The recent Brexit vote has thrown up a lot of questions, anger and uncertainty. For the events industry, and any industry that operates on an international playing-field, there are many questions that still need to be answered.

It is a result that I didn’t think would happen, a vote I was against, and one that has only heightened my belief that there’s a need to educate/inform/communicate with the young people in a way that is understandable. It continues to be the reason I am fucked off with politics.

Brexit is a conversation that everyone is having – across social media, on the news & one I had many a times whilst out in the USA. (which is where for the referendum & results)

I might have been 5,000 miles away, 8 hours behind but people still noted its importance.

And a month on from when we all went to the polls & got the momentous result, the understanding of what the next steps are seem to be as puzzling to politicians as it is to the rest of us at home.

I don’t really know how Brexit will affect the events industry, both in the short & long-term. I believe that it will change it.

We’ve already seen a shift in how people are opening talking to each other, our government has completely changed & we now have a PM who no-one voted for.

Of course it’s going to effect our industry, when people have the choice of where to hold their event are they really going to pick a destination that has decided to segregate themselves & basically say ‘you’re not welcome’?

Right now the world seems to be in a state of utter destruction. In fact it will make for some fantastic films in years to come, just a shame it isn’t fiction.

When I talk to people about what Brexit will mean for events there seems to be a strong consensus that the best tactic is to carry on. That we need to continue to maintain/build relationships with our colleagues and friends around the world. That we need to reassure clients and help people remember how strong the UK events industry is.

EU BBC News Referendum Results

I’ve read a lot of angry, powerful & passionate pieces following the results – but interestingly they seem to come from younger people. Yes 48.1% of voters were angry BUT the conversation/ the action has been (from where I stand) dominated by under 30’s.

Even in the events industry it seems that it’s the Students & Graduates who’ve acted most vocal on the topic (*Event Article w/ students), and maybe that’s because we’re most scared. I have heard more rational, reasonable and controlled points and thoughts from industry colleagues who have a longer and more developed experience in the industry (*Exhibition News Article w/ event profs). It might be because of their own experiences and understanding of how business gets done that their language is less anger fulled. Or it could be because they feel there is nothing  that can be done to ignore the result.

I’m curious to hear what you think might happen, how it made you feel. I’m especially interested to garner some understanding on how you think it might affect Job Opportunities.

In fact – more than anything – I want to have a discussion with someone who completely disagrees with me, I want to try to understand how the move away for connecting with our fellow neighbors is a good thing, how it will benefit an industry that is so international!?