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Shall we have a guess on what excuses shall be used as to why I’ve been silent on the blogging front for the last month?!

Don’t worry I shall save you the time;

I feel that I am no longer best placed to be the person giving advice to Event Students. Or more specifically that I cannot focus the whole blog on just event degrees & students.

I’m not ignorant enough to think that because I’ve been a Graduate for 2 years, I no longer remember the pain & suffering of writing essays. That I cannot relate to the confusing nature of academic books & how little they relate to the actual industry.

I’ve been through the process, spent 4 years gaining an event degree & now work for one of the best experience marketing agencies in the world! I’m also not claiming I no longer have anything to say on this topic, but rather I have established my view points on so many topics relevant to Event Students that I’m now just repeating myself;

I fully support Event Degrees & how they build up and create a fantastic group of future Event Profs. Yet I stand by the statement there is a lack of connection between course, academics, businesses operating in the events industry and event professionals.

I recommend and encourage students to go out & get experience (Volunteering, interning, taking on a placement year or some work experience) within the industry BUT more importantly in different roles – not just looking at operations or on site logistics. Look at sales & marketing, venue side, catering, working in large agencies, small agencies, for event tech companies,  in strategy & planning, for experiential companies, at festivals, running B2B events.

I think there is still not enough women in leadership positions, that there is still work to be done to make the whole industry (and event courses) more inclusive – which is why I am so excited to see the introduction of Event Apprenticeships!

How amazing and important it is for students & anyone at the start of their event career to connect with other event professionals. How networking and becoming part of associations like ILEA can help you develop, connect with peers and grown into other roles!

All of these opinions have been shared on this blog. They are view points I express on regular basis, both online and IRL. And for now I think they are unlikely to change!

One of the biggest reasons as to why I have these feelings is because of my job as a Junior Strategist. I am moving further down a career path that, whilst sill events related, crosses many different industries and disciplines.

It is leading me to different questions and conversations that aren’t as relevant to what I originally set this blog up to cover. To topics that you might want to hear and engage in.

More than anything I want to talk about what I do. I want to share my thoughts, questions and experiences, but I also want to gauge if this would interest you?

Do you want to read more about what Strategy & Planning is, how it connects with Events, Advertising and Experiential?

*to be 100% honest I will props start writing about it anyway – but please feel free to express your opinion on this 🙂

I look forward to hearing what you guys think, please feel free to share your thoughts on any & everything I’ve said in this post – discussion and conversations are the best way to develop & progress!

I also wanted to share my appreciation for a few blogs & vlogs that I think are fantastic additions to the landscape of Event Students and degrees! 🙂

Event Student View by the fantastic Melissa (who is also great on Twitter) who has just finished her Event Degree!

Tori Bell’s blog – who is the 2016 Eventice winner & all round lovely person! (She wrote a great write-up here)

Phoebe’s Event Blog by *surprise surprise* Phoebe – a recent event grad working up North!

An Events Student’s View written by Francesca a final year event student.

& one I only found today – Harriet Rose’s Vlogging channel – who is a Second Year Event Student @ Bournemouth!


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