Guide for Graduates


Photograph by Sergee Bee (Via Unsplash)

May. A great month where we *normally* move into the warmer weather, although living the UK it can’t be guaranteed! May is also the time of year where most University Students finish up their academic year!

For anyone in their final year this month obviously holds a lot of importance. Unless you are of to study a PhD or Masters, in which case, see you back in September! 🙂

However for anyone about to take the leap into being a Graduate and young professional I want to direct you all to a fantastic piece by Ad Week – a Graduate Guide.

Now before you dismiss this as something that is only relevant to individuals looking to enter the advertising world, take it from someone who has been through this experience – graduating is the same experience regardless of what you studied!

There is no clear or perfect way to leave Uni and land that perfect job, it was 6 months before I first started working at GPJ (which is nicely documented in my Graduate Journey series). But there are a few things that you can start to do to first obtain a job & a few things that are useful to know and anticipate once you actually start working.

So go ahead & take a look at the guides, let me know if it helped & feel free to add some additional points!

My personal favourite of the series is What you’ll learn from that 1st year in the Job


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