5 tips on making 2nd year *(any year)* proactive

Luke Chesser

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January & February seem to have sped on by at lighting speed! How are we at the end of the month all ready?!

This post is written by the wonderful Latisha Springer, who as a second year event management student at London Met is in a much better situation to pass on some tips & advice to fellow (and future) 2nd year students.

I think I’ve finally reached the conclusion that 5 years since started university & 2 years since graduating, I’m maybe not be in the best person to pass on some tips. So without further delay here are Latisha’s 5 tips to get the most out of your time at university;


Cliché as it sounds, great things can only happen once you believe and know that you have something great to offer. Woe is me attitudes/ being afraid of what’s out there leaves you in the corner.

Highlight, your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


It’s great to network with fellow event students, go out for drinks , etc but ultimately, the aim of coming to university is to ensure you are better prepared for your career when you graduate.

There is only so much that lecturers can teach you – it is IMPERATIVE that you seek mentoring and guidance from people who you aspire to be like one day.

Look at their attributes and their work ethic and map out what it will take for you to get to where they are (most of the time its sheer, determination, hard work, transparency and having a large social capital)


I can’t count how many times students have said to me that they want to join Twitter but they don’t know how to use it. Or, my favourite ‘Oh yes I have Twitter but I can’t remember my login details’ – so, basically, it’s inactive *long sigh*.

Social media isn’t just for posting delicious meals or nights out with friends or hastagging current trends. I have found internships, established relationships and acquired paid jobs through Twitter alone.

LinkedIn is also a platform that not a lot of us Event Students utilise, Myself included. When I do log in, I am amazed at how many people have viewed my profile that I have never met before.

Keep up to date and stay active!


A lot of event students in their 2nd year feel that there’s just not enough time in a week so make the time for extra curricular activities. We stress ourselves out with the impending doom of coursework, assignments, etc.

This is the wrong approach.

We have to understand that education and experience go hand in hand. Take a breath and organise yourself – we are event students after all!


Last but not least, your happiness, your social life IS important.

I don’t mean you have to go out and party every week, but, you do have to know when to draw the line when you are doing too much and overloading yourself. Don’t allow the things that matter to you suffer.

For example, I had a job as a receptionist this time last year. It was highly demanding and the pay wasn’t worth the endless duties I had to perform and late nights (plus it was not related to events in the slightest). I had little to no time to see my family/go out and at times I was too tired to attend lectures. I made the decision to hand in my 2 weeks’ notice and for a moment, I panicked about how I would sustain myself. However, my decision re-focused my efforts towards seeking event jobs and internships and I was successful in my search.

Tom Sodoge

Picture by Tom Sodoge

It is advice & tips like those that I think might have kicked me into gear a little earlier than I actually did! Thanks Latisha 🙂 Also if you have additional pointers that you think might help fellow students let us know – either in the comments below or via the wonderful world of twitter!

As a lot of you are aware, and may currently be undertaking, most second year event management courses involve having to organise and plan your own live event.

Latisha & her group are running a event on the 3rd of March, called Take Me To Rio

An event supporting SportsAid Charity by bringing the celebratory vibes of the 2016 Olympics & Rio Carnival to London! So if your free next week & looking for a great evening out then pop on over here to the EventBrite page grab some tickets, or over to facebook!

Even better to be supporting fellow event students! #TakeMeToRio

It is always great to see individuals being proactive and engaged & taking the initiative to really engage with the industry – it’s these small and simple steps that will help once you graduate!


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