Starting off the year in the best way…

Brandon Redfern

Picture by Brandon Redfern (via Unsplash)

If you have me on LinkedIn then you might have seen that my job title recently changed!

After 12 months Freelancing with George P Johnson, initially with the Sales and Marketing team and for the last year as part of Strategy and Planning, I am now officially a Junior Marketing Strategist at GPJ!

I cannot tell you how excited and happy I am about this.

It has been really interesting seeing where people have gone in their careers since leaving university.

For me the biggest thing I learnt in 2012, when out on Placement, was realising that event operations wasn’t the place I was going to end up. It was a tough realisation to come to because a majority of the 4 years had been focused on learning and training for a career of that type.

We didn’t study or focus on Account Management, Sales and Marketing, Event Technology or any area outside of that initial field.Which was why when my final year came around I started exploring the industry.

Stopped worrying quite so much.

And took some risks.

I’ve written plenty of times about why I recommend The Eventice to all final year event students – but in case you missed them; here, here, here & here.

On a side note you have until Monday 11th January to apply (& if you have any questions or queries about the video application/experience, I am more than happy to answer them!)  

I pin a lot on those three days, but in terms of my own career it was a real pivotal point. I wouldn’t have met the incredible people who helped me reach this point. And to them especially, I am truly grateful.

I didn’t previously know what strategy and planning was all about, or that it was an area within a lot of Event Agencies. I’ve been really fortunate that someone understood the skills I had & gave me a chance to utilise them within an incredible field. I am also incredibly fortunate to be working for a company that understands and values growth.

I wanted to share this exciting development, not only because I am really really thrilled, but because as always this blog is about helping you figure out where you want to go. And maybe you have also decided that a certain part of the industry isn’t where you want to go, and now you are looking at alternative paths – one of which could be strategy, or sales, or marketing, or production!

If that is you, then rest assured you have options and time to test the waters!

Also because of the changing paths and the ever evolving aspect that is the events industry, I will be sharing more about the whole ethos of strategy and planning in the future!

For now I leave you with this question; what has been your biggest career development?


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