MyEvent.Vision 2016: Why you should apply!


Picture by Ian Schneider (Via Unsplash)

Today I want to highlight an opportunity that you may have already seen tons of the top industry event professionals tweeting about & one that takes a very different look at how YOU can impact the industry – MyEvent. Vision!

MyEvent. Vision is a competition that was launched last year, and since it’s very successful debut is once again looking for an individual with an innovative event concept!

Now I cannot claim to have gone through this experience, but that fact it’s been described as ‘Dragons’ Den meets The Apprentice’ is all the information I need to know to understand the value and experience this can bring.

Have I mentioned before how participating in the Eventice – a competition for final year event management students that is 100% like the Apprentice – was one of the best decisions I ever made?! (I may have tweeted about it a few hundred times)

But Heather Varley can praise the experience, what with being crowned the inaugural winner last year. She didn’t just walk away with a £5,000 cash prize, but received significant investment from Events International Group into her winning idea and is now working with EIG to bring the concept to life. I have been told it shall be premiering in the spring – so keep your eyes peeled!

“I would urge anyone serious about a future in the industry to put themselves forward, it is a challenging, positive process that puts you in front of people who can help shape your future”

The real reality is that gaining a job after graduating is no easy feat – it is a tough climate and there is strong competition. Being able to stand out, showcase innovative thinking and an engaged mind-set is the different that will set you above and beyond your peers.

If you have an event idea, something that has been in the back of your mind that you’ve always wanted to create them what is the harm in giving this competition a try?

It’s open to anyone over 18, you don’t need to be a student or graduate, just someone with a spark of an idea & the willingness to try something different.

If you will EIG will invest in the winning concept and give you the opportunity to being you event vision to life. You will also win £5,000 & either a full-time or freelance job (depending on what will suit you best) with EIG. Plus become part of the team that makes your winning idea happen, giving you the chance to work alongside senior industry professionals!

All the information about how to enter is HERE and the deadline is Monday 8th February 2016, which gives you 2 weeks to create an amazing Business Plan!

If you do enter, or already had, I would love to know.

Personally I am awe of anyone with the creative talent and determination to create and make something that will develop and enhance people’s experiences.


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