Hello 2016

Hello 2016

Picture by Sebastian Pichler (via Unsplash)

January 1st 2015 I wrote a post looking back at the goals I wanted to achieve in 2014 & setting three more to enter in 2015. Well ladies and gentlemen I’m back doing the same for 2016.

I take the goal setting approach over the traditional New Years resolutions. It works a lot better for me because of the flexibility. I am also not a big New Years fan – the concept that this evening is SO different from the other 365 days in the year just doesn’t sit with me. That being said I LOVE reading other people’s goals.

Seeing the motivations and aims others have set out in front of them. Gaining inspirations, gaining ideas and finding new solutions that will help in reaching my own goals!

2014 was about the starting out. 2015 was focused. 2016 looks set to be about learning & growing.

First lets give a little look at 2015:

Understand HMRC: Although I am still sorting through a few final elements to submit my tax form, I have definitely become more knowledgeable in this area!

I have to admit when I first started having to pay my own Tax & NI and register as Self Employed, my only though was being an Adult is so overrated! But after 14 months of being Freelance, it’s really not as complicated or scary as it might first look!

Grated my understanding of this area is very basic, but I am really happy to say I can tick this one with a GIANT RED PEN!

Explore London via Independent Coffee Shops: I love LOVE coffee. I also love London. However this past year saw me become sucked into the wonderful and oh so simple world of the amazing Starbucks App.

I failed whole heartedly at this, what should have been the easiest and most rewarding goal on the list! Maybe drinking more independent coffee should be a goal that rolls into this next year!

Enjoy my 20’s: Hard to muck this one up, but I would have to say 2015 has been pretty kind to me! We’re off to a good start!

So what does 2016 look like;

Really start saving: Simple. Grown Up. Not exciting BUT important!

Focus on career development, on gaining knowledge & learning: This is an exciting one. A really exciting one.

Learn Code: Set aside more time each week & really do it! I have enjoyed the elements I’ve learnt so far but I am still at such an early stage and to really progress I need to dedicate more time and energy.

Unplug: I want to start looking out for myself more. Both physically and mentally.

One way I’m going to do that is  by taking time to really unplug – turning off all electronic devices, going outside and just stopping.

I love tech, I also really love social media BUT sometimes it becomes a little all-consuming & I get drawn into a little bubble, forgetting that there are more important issues and other things I could be doing!

Get back into writing regularly: I have struggled in finding any balance with the blog alongside my career.

It just hasn’t worked out. And that isn’t something I want to see happen again in 2016.

I love writing on here and whilst I’ve enjoyed the ability to turn off when away from my desk I know that there needs to be some familiarity on I’m a Damn Student, What do I Know? Some form of regular posting. Something more than what’s been given in 2015!

2016 for me is about learning. Learning to find balance. Learning to utilise time in a better way. Learning to juggle. Learning new things. I would love to hear your own goals for 2016, so please share them in the comments below or drop me a tweet! 🙂


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