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You might remember a few months ago I wrote this post on why I take breaks from the blog, and the reasons as to why I have become disengaged with elements of blogging.

It has been over two months since that entry & it might be apparent from the lack of posts that my feeling on this topic are much the same. I know there are many people within the confines of the blogging/vlogging community – regardless of the subject of content they produce – who have very similar feelings to me.

Personally as a reader of many blogs, I’ve found myself consolidating what I read and spending more time going back to blogs where the content is really strong. I don’t have the patience to read posts that hold no originality or aren’t telling me something new.

Because I’ve been writing this blog for over 4 years, I feel a sense on obligation to explain where my feelings on blogging are right now & how that’s been effecting this blog.

I left University over a year ago, and I’ve been working at GPJ for just over 10 months. I’m not in the same environment as when I started this blog, and alongside the continuous learning, my priorities have changed.

The piece of information/knowledge below is the main reason I’ve made the decision to take a drastic look at this blog and my place within this area.

Content shouldn’t be produced for the sake of having content.

I believe that the value of content comes from saying something that needs to be said.

Creating content that will lead somewhere.

Content that is different, innovative and is not just repeating information others have said before.

Sure, I’ve been guilty of writing posts that are just duplicates of pieces I had written in the past. Posts that hold no value, all because I have been focused on putting up regular content at least once a week. However this becomes tiring, unfulfilling and quickly begins to feel like a chore.

That mentality means what is being produced doesn’t reflect what could be written.

I feel like the worst thing I could do is try to force ideas and posts. And I don’t want to write inadequate content, or worse make you read pointless posts.

Maybe now is the point to state quite boldly that I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE THIS BLOG.

However I won’t be:

Writing on any set days

Posting weekly (or making any promises about when things might appear)

Apologising if there are long periods of time where nothing is uploaded

I want to be excited about sharing a piece of content. I also want the posts to add value. To be writing about topics that are interesting, that spark conversation and create a discussion.

But more than anything I want it to help students.

The other reason I’ve pushed blogging to the back seat, is because I’ve taken on some other responsibilities. I am a member of ISES UK, the International Special Events Society, and am sitting on the Education Committee. Which means I am still continuing to work with students but am getting to work with fantastic event professionals who have greater contacts, experience & understanding of how to help bridge the gap between what students get taught & what the industry is looking for!

I love writing this blog, it’s led me to some great places and giving me a platform I never thought I would have. But I don’t want to feel pressurised or overwhelmed about having to keep it updated.

Writing this blog is a hobby, separate from work, but something I do because more than anything I want to help make sure we continue to develop and enhance this industry.

And like a lot of things that starts with education!

So in summary:

I am still here, just won’t be pretending to stick to a schedule. Instead posts will appear sporadically when something interesting needs to be shared.

The content is going to be more focused, and more detailed. I want to start conversations (or at least make you think!)

But in true I’m a Damn Student style everything is still going to continue to focus on you guys, Event Management Students!


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  • suzymarie56

    Glad you’re still going to be blogging, my lovely. You’ve got to do it YOUR way because there’s so much pressure in this blog environment now. I had an amazing few months off and changed my perspective entirely on what I’m writing for. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Also congrats on all of the stuff you’re involved with – you’re doing so well for yourself! xx

    Suzy | Eeep I’m a Blogger

  • Thanks so much Suzy! (Also can you tell it has been a while since I even came on the blog since I’ve only seen this comment now!) I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts you have been putting up recently & I agree the benefit of taking time out is really strong! There is a ton of pressure in blogging, i think partially because there are so many people who are successfully making it their career, & even though I don’t want that it is hard to not compare!