MND Association #LastSummer Advertising Campaign


This week on the tube I saw the above advert for MND Association campaign called #LastSummer – which harks back to the Ice Bucket Challenge that overtook our Facebook feed last year.

My first initial thoughts were on how fantastic it was to seen a charity understand and utilising the success of a previous campaign, they have focused on not only how the money is helping but the fact there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Now to highlight my support of their intelligent marketing strategy I tweeted the above tweet, something I do a regular basis to share interesting, thought-provoking & inspiring things that I find. But then I started getting a lot of people tweeting me about how this was a distasteful and misguided advert.

 “Last Summer I was the only person I knew who didn’t do the ice bucket challenge. Five months later I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.”

The issue that people have is in regards to Michael’s advert, as some have interpreted the wording to mean that because Michael did not participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s the reason he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

Now before we got into a long debate lets first address the stupidity that anyone would think that could be true & more than that something a national charity whose focus is on MND care, research and campaigning would ever imply, BUT  I do understand that of all the quotes used this maybe wasn’t the best one.

I think if you are going to express an opinion on this campaign then I suggest you go and read Michael’s story to understand that both he & his wife Tracy are highlighting the simple fact that MND can affect anyone at any-point!

What I have found particularly interesting is the fact that this has caused a fair amount of tweets on social media, and whilst I can understand an element of dislike to the exact wordings this is not a campaign that is out to ridicule, hurt or shame anyone like Protein World’s Beach Body Ready ad.


Okay so the strap-line is not quite on the mark & that is something that MND Association will have to look at with their future marketing, but considering this is done by an organisation who are there to support people with MND is this really worth all the backlash?

Chris James, director of external affairs at MND Association, told Marketing magazine: “Our aim in the posters is to show how indiscriminate MND is and how it affects anyone of any age and across all communities, as well as reinforcing a couple of key messages about MND – that there is no cure and 50% of people die within two years of diagnosis.”

Personally I think it is great to see a marketing campaign that is maintaining the engagement created in the past, I understand why people have some issues with elements of the adverts but overall the fact this will continue to gain support and raise vital funds for research into MND I can overlook a few errors!

What do you think of the #LastSummer adverts? If you think the adverts are wrong, what do you think should happen next? 



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