June’s #EventBlogChat – The Wider Blogging Community


Picture by Anton Ittlinger (via Unsplash)

Hi Guys and welcome to the month of June!

Obviously this is the time of year where we start hoping the British weather will improve and Summer will start, so lets keep those fingers crossed!

Tonight’s #EventBlogChat topic is a slightly different to previous months, as we talk about the wider blogging community.

There have been a lot of bloggers talking about how the ‘community’ has changed quite dramatically in the last two years,  from being an open platform to express opinions to a over-saturated market with people writing unoriginal content in the hopes they can become ‘famous’. With the rise of popular vloggers and bloggers, such as Zoella, making large sums of money & forging a career in this new medium – there is starting to a be a disinterest from bloggers who have been writing for years.

Whilst Event blogs are within a slightly different arena to the more popular lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogs, we are interested to hear your opinions on this topic area. To gain an understanding of what you think of blogging as a whole,  where it might go & the reasons behind why you started writing your blog.

As always we welcome your questions, but especially tonight if you have any additional points or areas you want to discuss it would be great to hear them – just remember to add the #EventBlogChat hashtag!

Q1) Why do you write your blog?

Q2) What are your long-term aims with writing your blog?

Q3) Do you read blogs on other types of topics & what do you get out of reading those blogs?

Q4) Where do you think Event Blogs fit into the wider blogging community?

Q5) Do you think event blogging will eventually fall into the same pitfalls as lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogs?

Q6) What do you think of people only writing blogs as a mean to gain ‘free things’ or push their career?

Q7) Where do you see blogging as a whole going in the future? & How do you think event blogs will change?

Thanks guys & see you on twitter @ 9pm tonight!

Caitlin & Irina