Why I take blogging breaks.


Photograph by Dominik Schroder (via Unsplash); Quote by Katie Oldham (From Reclaim That Domain! Post)

I have always had a love/hate relationship with blogging.

Don’t get me wrong I adore writing this blog, and more than that I love speaking to you guys, hearing about your own experiences & learning from you. The great thing is that IDS has enabled me to talk to so many of you & to build that communication!

If you have been a long time reader of this blog, you will be aware that every few months there is suddenly a lack of posts on this blog. I always go in with the right intention and mindset but the reality is that I after a while it becomes more of a task than something relaxing.

I am still trying to figure out where it is that I want to go in my life, and juggling my career, this blog & my personal life is something I am still adjusting to.

For the last 24 months, when I started taking this blog more seriously, I thought there was something wrong when I started getting disinterested in writing new posts. If you are also a blogger then you might have read some of those How To posts that tell you what you need to do to become a ‘successful’ blogger – they always tell you to plan, schedule, comment & be active on social media ALL THE TIME. However when you work 8 hour days, commute 4 hours each & every day, and spend most of your day on a computer the last thing you want to do when you get home is stare at a pixellated screen.

However it was reading Katie’s post (Scarphelia) on reclaiming your inbox, when I suddenly realised that reason why I go through such drastic phases with my blog. She wrote it so clearly in black & white.

Blogging is not something I do because I want it to lead to something else.

I love reading blogs, online magazines, opinion pieces and pretty much anything that is engaging, interesting and well argued. The internet has created an open form of communication which means it is now so easy to share your views, skills and ideas with anyone in the world. Whilst this can lead to amazing innovation, you also get the cattiness and competitiveness that comes with an over saturated internet.

This blog is a release, a hobby, a place where I can share my advice & continuous learn from being who know more than me.

I have a love/hate relationship with blogging because sometimes it is hard to see past the (very small group) of people who only write to gain free gifts, whose content is direct and obvious replicas of other people’s writing, and who claim to ‘support’ but slate people behind their backs.

Don’t get me wrong I am not directly this at all bloggers (or any specific blogger), nor am I saying that you shouldn’t write a blog with the aim to either do it full-time or as a tool to help you gain your perfect career. Far from it, because I know so many amazing people who are forging their lives from the amazing things they are doing via their blogs & I also know how hard, and the staggering amount of work that goes into writing regular blog content.

All I am saying is that the reason I sometimes struggle to keep this blog updated weekly, is because there are times when I would prefer to spend my free time with friends and family, away from technology, away from blogging. It is like when I binge watch TV shows on Netflix, if I’m only watching one show after a few days I have to give myself a break – turn of the computer & do something else. Otherwise watching that TV show goes for being a lovely, enjoyable, relaxing pastime to a chore to get to the end of all the seasons!

Do you ever find yourself becoming disheartened with blogging? Or are there things I could be doing to get me out of this mind-set? 


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