Ways to find a job as a Student!


When you read articles that tell you 734,000 16-24 year old are unemployed (2014 statistics) it can be a little disheartening. Regardless if this is an improved number from previous years, the undeniable truth that we have to face is that – a degree cannot guarantee a job!

Obviously volunteering, taking on internships & partaking in placement years are all things you can do alongside studying – but what else? How can you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job that will receive hundreds of applicants?!

Well here is a pretty staggering statistic for you to enjoy on a casual midweek day: 60% of new hires in the US get their job through networking (I owe that statistic to Miguel Neves)

Lets just take a moment to really let that sink in.

Less that 50% of people found their job through traditional applications!

Sadly there is not a cheat sheet on how to be the stand out applicant, however many ‘experts’ give their own tips on the best ways to gain a job – noticed via the thousands of articles on Google.

My personal opinion on job hunting is the same one I have for networking – it is all about building relationships! The statistic above adds some weight behind my viewpoint, but just from personal experience most of the jobs I’ve had have come about from the connections I’ve made over the years.

Another  shocking statistic I learnt** (via Forbs) is that around 80% of jobs are never advertised, and the average number of people applying for each job is 118 (with only 20% getting to the interview stage!)

**I am aware that this post is almost looking like an academic essay with the number of  references & statistics used!

There is no rule that says you need to send a CV across to employers, yet it is what we all do. We write a covering letter with all the key-phrases and buzzwords that particular job needs & then ‘tailor’ our CV so that it is ‘unique’ to that job – except ‘tailoring’ means moving things around or taking the irrelevant information out!

It’s repetitive and tedious work, where it is near in impossible to showcase just how passionate, engaged and interested you might be in that job. However I am not mean enough to just leaving you with these statistic and slightly negative outlook on the job applying process – oh no, in promise to adding to the over-saturated ‘How to Get a Job’ discussion; I’ve got an opportunity that might help!


MPI Connects is an events that bring together potential employers and job-seekers – i.e YOU & companies! Happening next Monday (27th April) in Central London

“a new event designed to bring together industry employers to talented industry job-seekers. It will combine insightful education with speed-dating style meetings, enabling event job-seekers to understand more about potential positions or internships, and for industry employers to give guidance on interviewing skills as well as how to clinch that all-important first job.”

This is a paid event, but specifically it is bringing together a range of businesses that you might not have the opportunity to connect with via traditional CV applicants! There is nothing better than meeting people in real life, both in terms of applying for jobs but also in networking & if you are currently in your final term of uni, are looking to meet potential employers & more information like this post – then I would highly recommend coming along!

If you are an MPI Student Member it is £20 & for all you students who are  Non-MPI member it is £50 – tickets can be bought here

If that doesn’t clinch it for you, I will be at the event doing a Q&A panel type thing – and considering I write this blog to help event students I will be more than willing to answer all and any question you ask me 🙂

I really hope to see some of you there. If you are going then please drop me a tweet @blogbykobrak



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