Virtual Reality


Picture by Jordan McQueen (Via Unsplash)

I am mighty aware that the last few posts have been really ‘heavy’, and by heavy I do just mean wordy! I am not going to insult your intelligence and assume that to balance this out there needs to be a much smaller post, because you guys seem to be reading and sharing these past few entries. I also know there is nothing wrong with wordy posts – especially when the content is both relevant & (hopefully you agree) interesting, although I might be bias in my thinking there.

However I occasionally need to condense down the amount I say, largely because for the hundredth time I missed another promised Sunday post! Maybe I should just admit that I am now only able to produce a post a week & then occasionally surprise with an extra ‘unexpected’ post!

However today is another Wednesday and I wanted to share an interesting Ted Talk that I watched last week by Chris Milk on the topic of Virtual Reality.

It is a short 10 minute video that I hope will leave you with the same feelings I had, the fact that whilst virtual tours around venues, the ability to be transported to any location around the world are fantastic features – tech can really enhance and change our perceptions.

As someone who only became aware of Event Technology in the last 18 months, I am continuously learning and understanding my views on this subject area. What fascinated me about Chris’s talk was the fact he is using VR as a tool to make a difference, developing on from a format that we are so accustomed with but making it more experiential. Film is something we have all had experience with, and whilst 3D films apparently ‘transported’ us into the action – VR can actually enable that to happen!

There are a staggering amount of innovative and ingenious ideas that are out there, enabling stories and developing the way we experience everything – from daily tasks right through to events. Yet what I took away from this Ted Talk, other than the fact I need to start looking at the bigger pictures of where technology can take us & the trends that will affect our future is this point;

“I think we can change minds with this machine.”Chris Milk

Marketing, events and advertising is about getting people to DO something – from buying a product to viewing a brand in a different way, this means it is really important when viewing tech that you don’t just look at what it can do for you now, but also consider where that technology will go in the future.

Let me know what you think of Chris’s Ted Talk & if you have any articles or views on the area of VR! 



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