How to launch into being a Graduate!

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We are getting closer and closer to end of the academic year, for most of you that means the prospect of a couple of months off, but for any final year students – each day is bringing you closer to the title of GRADUATE.

It is that sudden realisation that after 17+ years in education you are now about to enter the ‘real’ world. The only solitude I feel I can pass on to you is that we all feel exactly the same, that mix of excitement and fear for what the future might hold & the trepidation of moving home.

I was very optimistic about what I would do once I had handed in my dissertation, all the blog posts I was going to write and how great a summer I would have. It was an optimistic outlook because fundamentally I am quite a lazy person, especially if I am given the option of being able to sleep in & watch Netflix, and I hadn’t realised just how much energy that final term took out of me. I was so focused on submitting the final essays that the moment all that was done and I was, for the first time ever, without any deadlines I just crashed.

I started writing my Graduate Journey  posts because I wasn’t sure if or when I would gain a graduate job, it is a tough climate & as I had been brutally  honest with my dissertation process, I thought it only far that I did the same with the job hunt!

For the March/ April Bullish Bloggers the topic is all about How to launch & it felt fitting to talk about this whole graduation thing!!

Take time out: I understand that there might be a financial need to get a job asap but taking a few weeks off to adjust to your new living arrangements (be that moving back home or to another city), or to go on holiday will be one of the best things you could do. Remember there will no longer been a random few months off, you will get at most 25 days holiday & it goes a lot quicker than you originally think! Don’t feel guilty if you decide to go traveling, sit by a beach or you take a week off to binge watch TV shows on Netflix!!

Set aside time: The job hunt can be tedious, applications can be repetitive and frustrating and often not doing them seems a lot more interesting!! SO the best way to guarantee you the optimum opportunity to gain that coveted graduate job is to set aside an hour or two a day where you actually write application/CV/Covering Letter! Force yourself to do a set-amount each day, maybe first thing in the morning so you have the rest of the day to do what you like – not only will this help you get a job BUT it will also get you into a routine!

Engage: You don’t have to go straight into the ‘perfect’ job, in fact it might take time to find that! However regardless of what you spend your first year doing,  you need to keep engaged & plugged into the industry! Keep up-to-date with what the industry is predicting will be the next big thing, read white-paper articles, blog posts & industry mags! Not only will this help you in interviews but it might also help you decide what area of events you are most interested in!

Focus: Due to the currently job climate it might take a while to land a good job, during that time you might see friends & course-mates landing jobs straight away! The thing you need to do is focus on what you are looking for – don’t get consumed in the horrible cycle of thinking… ‘why them!’ We all know that will help no-one & people only share the good things online – you don’t know if they are loving their job or wishing they were doing something else!!

Enjoy: This is an amazing opportunity, a chance to really think about where you want to go! You’ve gained a degree and now have the opportunity to pick any career, without sound too whimsical – the world is your oyster! Explore options and take time to enjoy this period of your life, because soon you will be focusing on saving money & not using all your holiday dates in one go!!

The best thing I did was wait a few months before looking for a job – I had a great summer traveling and seeing friends & whilst it was hard to see so many people landing jobs straight away, waiting led me to an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

What tips do you have for soon-to-be graduates AND what is the one thing you wish someone told you before you left Uni?!



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