Graduate Journey: March 2015


Picture by Wilson Lau (via Unsplash)

I know the past few weeks on the blog have been pretty bare (okay REALLY bare) & trying to post new entries every Tuesday & Thursday is obviously not working anymore. Therefore new posts will now appear every Wednesday & Sunday**, so my dear readers let’s get that in the diary!

Now today’s topic is a Graduate Journey update, because my last one was all the way back in November, and really any excuse in which to talk about myself I AM THERE!

No but really I thought it might be interesting to elaborate on the fact that my daily commute to work is 2 hours (one-way), and just a general chit-chat!

Back in 2012 when I was on my placement my daily routine was incredibly boring. I struggled with having to get up before 7am and getting home 12 hours later – it led to very early nights and a distinct lack of engagement in what I was doing (although a majority of that disconnect was because of the Job).

However right now I absolutely love what I’m doing! GPJ is challenging, fun, a massive learning curve and I get to work with some pretty fantastic people! It makes the 4 hour commute easy because I look forward to going to work & because I’m enjoying what I’m doing the days don’t feel as long – which means I do things in the evening.

How I feel about this job is a completely different to how I’ve felt about anything in the past, yes I’ve had jobs that have been great fun and that I loved doing but that were never long-term. Whilst I personally think the saying ‘when you find something you love, you never work a day in your life’ is a ton of bulls**t , because no-one loves every second of their job, I do understand why some people are willing to work crazy hours for a job they are passionate about!

So the summary of this catch-up is that I’m doing great!

Not the most interesting of updated BUT because of that I have decided to go back to a very blogger-esq post (which I first did in 2012) a Whats in My Bag!!

A lot of things change in two years, but it seems not the staples in my bag!



Kanken BackPack: Book, Diary, Notebook, Ipad, Ipod, Water Bottle, Umbrella, Pens, Wallet, Oyster card & because of the amount of walking I do – my trusted Fitbit!

So 2 questions today: 1) what do you carry around with you for work?! 2) How are you finding the Graduate life? 



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  • suzymarie56

    So glad to hear that things are going well for you! That commute is an absolute trek though isn’t it! Least you can get some reading done I suppose haha.