What really is the ‘perfect’ work space?!

Laptop desk

Picture by Tatiana Lapina (via Unsplash)

All through my education lifetime I have wanted to have the ‘perfect desk’, a Pinterest worthy creation that features some wonderful prints that enable daily inspiration. However there are two problems with this idyllic wish; 1) reality is, no matter how picture perfect the desk looks, it will become a dumping ground & 2) I have a fulltime job that involves a commute, and an office.

I understand that if working from home then, for many people, a desk is a necessity. I work best outside of the house in coffee shops & libraries, a fact that I learnt early on at Uni, yet the moment I moved back home I went out a bought a nice tiny desk that perfectly houses my laptop! Problem is 99% of the time it’s where things get ‘dumped’ – clothes, receipts, books, Event Industry Magazines, post etc.

I’m not saying desks aren’t great, but increasingly there is less need for them, tablets and phones enable us to work anywhere at any time. Many business are introducing hot desking as a normal working environment. Really the perfect desk space is just a place that enables you to get your work done.

For me that isn’t a desk with inspirational prints above on the walls – it is anywhere with great coffee and free wi-fi! I’m not sure why I always wanted that perfect desk, partially because I thought it would make me more productive, cooler, interesting, hip – the list could go on! Whilst I love seeing people’s work-spaces, I’m learning that technology is giving us the freedom to turn everything and everywhere into a productive work space – you just have to find out where that is for you.

To give you a real understanding this post was written in coffee shop at Kings Cross Station, 7.20am with a flat white & orange juice! A hub of early commuters and tired eyed people!

Where do you work best? At a desk, or on the bus?

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