Week of #TSS, #Eventice2015 & #EventStudents


Picture by David Mao (via Unsplash)

You might have noticed that there was no posts on Tuesday or yesterday, or am I being a little presumptuous assuming you come back twice a week?

Even with the bold assumption that you are a weekly reader*, these past few weeks have been very busy with the prep for The Student Sessions (which are less than a week away!) & finally succumbing to the winter virus (which meant Monday & Tuesday were spent ill in bed!).

*Obviously I hold nothing against you if you only check out the blog once-in-a-while BUT there are new posts published every Tuesday & Thursdays!

Now if you’re thinking “What the Hell are The Student Sessions!?” that’s okay, there is still time to participate! The Student Sessions are a full day programme, aimed specifically at you guys – Event Management Students – that myself and Elena are hosting at International Confex next Thursday (19th February). There is a ton of information here & on Confex’s website – we have almost reached capacity but if you do want to attend then please can you let me know your name (and make sure you are registered for general admission to Confex – which is free)

If you are not a student but are interested in attending the Panel in the afternoon, or want some more information then please drop me an email at eventmanagementstudent@gmail.com


Now you would think that as I am only writing one post this week I would be much more prepared with a topic, sadly the is not the case! Instead because it is only one week till both Confex, I’m going to direct you to a few posts on that topic;

Confex 2014 was where the discussion on the relevance of event degrees came up!

Confex 2014 is also where we heard about event tech & if it is innovating the events industry!

Confex is also 1 of event shows I’ve recommended #EventStudents attend (and that was before #TSS was confirmed!)

Do not forget that from next Tuesday (17th Feb) 15 final year event management students are taking part in the 2015 Eventice Competition! As I have said here and too many times to count on twitter – this is a fantastic opportunity for students, so it is definitely worth supporting via twitter & if you are at Confex next week!

So there you have it a catch-up post on what is happening next week, and if you are Confex at all next week then please drop me a tweet!


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