February #EventBlogChat – Creating Blog Post Content



Photo by Christian Battaglia

#EventBlogChat is back tonight (2nd of February) at 9pm for a conversation on creating blog post content.

It is always hard to write regular posts alongside work, but it is interesting to hear where others find their content topics. With 2015 being fully underway, Irina and I are curious to know how you decide on the blog posts you write – below are the 5 questions for tonight’s chat!

Q1: How do you pick content to write about – is it from personal opinion or professional?
Q2: Do you focus on industry news, as a way to find inspiration, or personal experiences?
Q3: What is your most popular posts?
Q4: Is it important that the content is relevant to your readers, or on-topic with current industry trends?
Q5: How do you pick what to write when you are uninspired?

You might have seen, and already be a part of, the #EventPlannersTalk that Irina runs every Monday night (apart from when #EventBlogChat is on) at 9pm! Definitely something worth joining in & on 9th February the discussion is the bug industry debate – experience vs. academia!

We really hope to see you tonight for this months #EventBlogChat & on the 9th for #EventPlannersTalk!

Caitlin & Irina 



Don’t forget to sign up for The Student Sessions (#TSS) that I am hosting with Elena atInternational Confex on Thursday 19th February! It is a fantastic FREE event for all #EventStudents!

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