What Q’s would you ask #Eventprofs?


Good Morning you fine, fine lot! I missed Tuesday’s post because I was being a little lazy (but mostly because I was eating Wagamama’s) – we all have days like that right? Actually who am I kidding, whilst I was at uni I used ‘Netflix’ as a viable excuse as to why I was unable to meet up with friends or attempt essays!

I just want to touch on the importance of learning from others. I am an avid reader of articles where senior event professionals pass on their career advice, or explain how they came to be in the position they are. I’m not 100% sure why I find it such an interesting area to hear about – but I think a large aspect is because everyone seems to have come via a variety of different paths.

It is fascinating to hear the jobs people did beforehand, about the advice they’ve learnt through trial and error, because each story is so different!

The thing is if you had the opportunity to ask any Senior EventProfs ‘any’ Question, what would you ask? In actual fact I am so curious about what you would ask I’ve input a poll giving you 5 different question options (my personal choice being num.2!)

So the big Questions today is… What would you ask?



Also there is some exciting #EventStudents news that I cannot wait to share later this week! KEEP AN EYE OUT!

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