The Student Sessions @ International Confex 2015


I spent 4 years working towards my 2:1 events management degree & as some of you may know it wasn’t always the best experience. In saying that I do have a huge respect for event degrees & I’m the first to defend them, not only because they teach you a range of skills, that can be used in any type of job, but you also gain an understanding of the industry.

Sadly I am not equipped with an academic mind-set (pointed out to me when I got a U in my politics A-level exam), but within events I found an industry that I am extremely interested in, and pretty good at! Yes, my essay results were average, but in final year I started taking things seriously and looked at doing things outside academia that would help me, such as taking part in The Eventice & meeting industry professionals and experts.

The reason for this was, whilst on placement, I became aware that everyone would be graduating with a ‘good’ degree. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news if you are yet to learn this fact, but even if you come out of university with a 1st class degree, it does not mean you will automatically get an amazing job. In fact even with work experience under your belt & a hell-a-lot of passion, every job application you fill out will be alongside hundreds of other event students!

Now before you start getting into a panic about what your future holds, just read on because I have you covered!

For the last 5+ months, I have been working with the fantastic Elena (fellow Eventice 2014 finalist – and winner!) to create an event that will help embolden current Event Management Undergraduates.’

Yep, we are hosting a student specific event at International Confex on Thursday 19th February 2015 called The Student Sessions!

The event that is aimed, at, run by, and focused on Event Management Students, and we have designed the program so that it gives YOU the best start to your career.

You know the saying ‘it isn’t what you know but who you know’, well that is what The Student Sessions is all about – Networking! Giving you the chance to meet with other students from different universities, who are equally as passionate and want to get a head start on their careers, as well as being able to talk to event professionals from across the whole events industry.

Whilst some of you might be nervous about Networking, Elena got the definition PERFECT: Networking is just an elongated word for chatting with like-minded people & occasionally benefiting from doing so.

This is an official invitation to all students of event related degrees to attend The Student Sessions, starting at 10am till 3pm on 19th February at International Confex! The day is split into two parts;

Finding your Voice in the Industry – with a Networking 101 session.

Where your Event Career can take you – Panel discussion & industry networking event.

I cannot tell you how excited and proud I am about this event. It is the first of its kind, and completely free. It is open to all event students, regardless of what point you are in your studies, but we do expect spaces to fill up quickly!

More information can be found on the Confex website, and you need to make sure you are registered to attend Confex – then feel free to let us know you’re coming via #TSS on twitter or connecting with us on social media!

Elena can be found; @ElenaClowes, elcaterina – check out her post on The Student Session

And I am over here; @blogbykobrak & Instagram




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