January #EventBlogChat – Marketing and PR


Happy New Year event planners and bloggers! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and Christmas and New Year celebrations!

The past year has been amazing and it was great to meet like-minded people through the chat who share the same passion for events and blogging. Thank you for your contribution and we can’t wait to keep the conversation going in 2015 and making it bigger!

So, we are ready to kick off 2015 with #EventBlogChat about Marketing and PR TONIGHT (5th January) at 9pm GMT!

Q1: Are blogs a good marketing and PR tool for #eventprofs?
Q2: Why (or why not) events should use blogs as part of their marketing and PR strategy?
Q3: Do you think blogging should be part of a larger event marketing  and PR strategy or can be the main one?
Q4: When using blogs for marketing and PR, what type of content #eventprofs should be posting?
Q5: When using blogs for marketing and PR, where is the fine line between great content and sales pitch?
Q6: Your question
Q7: Your question

We can’t wait to see you all on tonight (Monday, 5th January) at 9pm GMT on Twitter for our discussion about marketing and PR, just remember to use the hashtag #EventBlogChat and follow us on @EventBlogChat.



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