Eventopedia Launch Event (26th Jan 2015)

150126_0096_JTuckerAll Pictures used in this post is courtesy of Red Photographichands down beat my mobile phone pics of the evening!

On Monday night I headed over to 8 Northumberland for an evening of tech related excitement, as Eventopedia invited me for their launch evening.

Considering less than a year ago I was pretty ignorant of Event Tech being a thing. It’s something which I have written about it a lot on ‘I’m Damn Student’, but that’s because it is increasingly something that is being used to help bring events to the next level. Obviously that means it will start being discusses more and more on your event courses, and therefore I think it is pretty important to showcase some of the innovative thinking that is happening within the industry right now!

Eventopedia is an online website that allows event professionals to find venues and event suppliers, by being able to use the simple search bar. The idea is that it will reduce unnecessary site visits & create a trusted hub of suppliers, the unique side of this website is the fact it allows you to leave reviews.

On Monday the event was all about Event Tech that works, showcasing a highlight of talents from Crystal InteractiveMusion Events, TweetWall Pro & of course the hosts themselves Eventopedia. There was a panel discussion with Sue Mitchell (Top Banana), Charles Boyd (8 Northumberland),  Juliet Price (HBAA), Ru Barksfield (Gruve) and chaired by Chris Elmitt (Crystal Interactive) – which brought up the common theme of needed to make sure you are using tech when needed & making sure it adds something of value for your customers/attendees.


My two highlights of the evening were; Ru Barksfield’s talk on ‘It’s all about the Brief’ (and yes it was played alongside Meghan Trainor), and the fantastic display of Musion Events Holographic showcase.

Ru spoke about how, sometimes, Event Profs focus too greatly on what the event ‘should have’ rather than what is ‘needs’ to have, focusing less on the brief. Instead some people just try to add in exciting elements that create an added WOW factor! So if you gain a job that involves pitching engaging events via a client’s brief – Ru’s point is don’t just add the virtual reality headset because it is cool, instead consider does this help out client reach their overall goal? If not – CHUCK!


Musion, in my humble opinion, take event tech to the next level! They showcased their holographic technology that I highly HIGHLY recommend you go and have a look at! Not only can it bring pre-recorded elements in, but allows you to bring across a live speaker from anywhere in the world via 4G – better financial option if running an event with limited budget!

So guys, if you are looking to acquaint yourself with some pretty snazzy tech – there is definitely many options to consider & Eventopedia have you covered with all your Venue Finding & Supplier trusting needs!

What do you think will be the ‘next  big thing’ in event tech? 


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