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You’re back at Uni, frantically trying to finish that assignment you had ALL of Christmas to write (but inevitably didn’t). But the bigger problem is that you’re running out of valid and viable websites to read whilst procrastinating – hence why you are sat in the library reading this blog!

Have no fear because I’m here to provide you with some fantastic reading material that is both, a great procrastination tool, but also a highly relevant to your degree.

Like when you have a chocolate covered fruit snack!

Once you’ve read through this wonderful blog (a bit of self-promotion never hurt anyone) then the following places are worth checking out;

2014 Top 100 Events Industry Blog Posts: I’m still working my way through this list but it will keep you occupied for ages! A database of amazing posts from 2015! There are some really incredible posts featured in this list, and everything has been placed into categories (such as technology & industry trends), as a way to make it much easier to navigate.

Event Magazine: I first read Event Magazine when I started my degree in 2010, as the Uni library housed a large collection of past editions. However over the years i’ve migrated more towards their website, as I spend a lot more time on the internet. Since they re-branded last year the content featured online has really improved & they now provide a large number of case studies, which may be useful when it comes to certain university assignments

Event Manager Blog: If you have not yet become acquainted with Julius blog then I fear you are not only lagging behind but are lacking some vital information. EMB is highly regarded by eventprofs, and with the caliber of the writers and content produced it is easy to understand why.

On the right hand side of this blog there is a list of websites and blogs that I highly recommend all Event Students check out/read on a regular basis. There are a ton of great reference points on the internet that are much more up-to-date than the regular academic textbooks, which is both fantastic but also means you need to be careful as what you take to be fact!

Whilst articles and blog posts are more current and on trend than academic books, you have to remember that 80%** of what is being written is clouded by personal opinion. When you write an essay you have to provide two sides of the argument, analysing in detail before you provided a calculated conclusion, however a blog of article doesn’t have to do that.  Everything you read on this blog, although aimed to help you, stems from my own opinion. I’m bias, opinionated and more often than not reciting incorrect facts.

So now that you have at least a few days’ worth of reading to keep you procrastinating until your essay is due in, there is nothing left for me to do other than remind you to go and follow the #EventStudents Project on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

**not a real fact but rather made up from my own assumptions!


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  • COS Rent 4 Events

    Thanks very much for including us Caitlin! It’s a pleasure to be alongside Event Magazine & EMB – both really great sources for event industry education. Tweeted this!

  • Thanks Caitlin, you’re always too nice 🙂 – I would say 90% is personal opinion (I made that up too) although some bloggers are outgrowing the concept of opinions to also bring in fresh research, independent and not biased by ‘partnerships’.

    I’ll keep reading!

  • Sina

    Great post! The ICCA Paper.Li News Blog: is also a good way to catch up with the latest news. It’s updated every Friday.

  • James Carruthers

    Hi Catlin just read your article and some great links on here for further reading! If you need any research for more team building and ice breaker based DIY activities then take a look here there is also a good handful of articles based on leadership and event planning.

  • That is more than okay – had a lot of students say they have been using it as a procrastination read. Not bad considering all the posts on your 100 list are really useful & v. interesting!

  • Ha, I think you might be right there with the 90% – will need to update the post! That is very true, I really like the element of added research because you still get the more relaxed writing style of most bloggers with solid facts! Thanks Julius!

  • Thanks Sina, I’ve seen this posted on twitter but will definitely check it out this Friday! Very glad you like the post 🙂

  • Hi James, I’m glad you enjoyed the post & thank you for sharing the blog link- will have a look at that later tonight! Always great to read some more events blogs!

  • James Carruthers

    Great no worries let me know what you think as we are always looking for new ideas on content and feedback is always valued!