A Letter to Me About 2015


Dear Past Caitlin,

Last January you wrote a letter with a list of 4 things you would like me to have achieved (or started) by the end of the 2014. What surprised me was that pretty much all of it was completed – with a small room for improvements. Most of the time I used to set goals that were unattainable, I would be trying to change myself before I even had a chance to actually learn who I am! However the four goals were all things that were both achievable and stress-free, it wasn’t about changing or trying to do something really big, rather about doing something straightforward.

2014 GOALS

Start Learning to Drive: this is the one aspect that got started but never finished! I theoretically have started to learn to drive, but only for a few short weeks 4 months ago! This is a major aim for 2015.

Start Saving Money: I am a proud owner of a savings account with more than a £1 in it, so we’re on the road to success! It was obviously a slow start as I didn’t get a job till late October, but bit by bit I’m putting the penny’s away!

Go Travelling: DONE! August was a whirlwind traveling around Europe visiting Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Austria. I also got to revisit one of my favourite places Berlin & share the adventures with some of my closest friends!

Get a Job: Not to sound big-headed but I knocked this one out of the park! The original goal was to gain a job with some form of regular income, it didn’t have to be an events job but rather something that meant I was earning some money. However I am now working within a team of amazing individuals and I genuinely love what I’m doing!

So Past Caitlin thank you, but what does it mean for 2015?

Well obviously I need to continue learning to drive & save money. I’m planning to carry on travelling around and explore new places both in the UK and abroad, but here a few bigger goals that both excite and scare me!

2015 GOALS

Understand HMRC: I need to learn and better understand how to pay and be a ‘freelancer’ in terms of paying tax, NI and being organised! Whilst this goal is not the most thrilling it is very important! Don’t want the tax man knocking on my door!

Explore London via Independent Coffee Shops: I am an avid coffee drinker and since starting my new job have been trying my darn hardest not to buy from Starbucks or Costa but instead explore smaller independent stores (because 99% of the time their coffee is so much better). There are also a lot of places in London I have never been to, so I’m touring London via coffee!

Enjoy my 20s: Make time to see friends, make new friends, explore places, attend events, create adventures.

Have you got any aims you want to set your Future Self? Any goals for 2015 that you are hoping to achieve?!  



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  • suzymarie56

    Happy New Year, Caitlin! Your new goals are super grown up haha!! Good luck with them all and I hope 2015 is AWESOME for you xx

  • Ha, i’m pretending to be a real adult! Thanks & the same to you – 2015 should be fun!