Why you NEED to apply for the Eventice 2015!


On Friday I had the pleasure of speaking to final year UOG event students, the aim being to highlight the amazing opportunity the Eventice is to ALL final year students!

I now understand how lecturers must feel when they just see the blank faces of students, it is incredibly nerve-racking. I also only had 10 minutes to speak & considering I had to sum up my experience of the Eventice is two very long posts you can understand that this was not much time!

Originally when I had finished I thought it had gone okay but not great – partially because no one had any questions but also because I know I can waffle (especially when I am passionate about something). However I bumped into a few students later in the day who said they enjoyed it and were thinking of entering. **Success**

So considering there is now just over a month till the application deadline I thought I would explain to all of you WHY YOU MUST ENTER THE EVENTICE!

The only reason I am sitting in a job that I both love and am interested in, is because of the Eventice.

The only reason I have pushed myself and am sure of where I want to go, is because of things I learnt during the Eventice.

At the core of this competition it can lead to a fantastic job for when you graduate, and considering I am working at GPJ even after not winning, shows that this process is more than just an elongated Job Interview but a real opportunity to build connections with people you will not normally meet.

Let’s look at the basics:

  • By creating a short two-minute video what have you got to lose? You don’t get through you at least tried & will only have lost a few hours in which it takes to film and edit your application.
  • If you do get through to the final 15 but don’t win – you will have the chance to meet some event professionals, learn some new skills & get a free hotel in London for a few nights!
  • And say you do make it through to the Final 5 you could walk away with a great Graduate Job & be set and ready to go months before you Dissertation is due in, giving you the freedom to focus just on your academic work!

Obviously that makes it a NO BRAINER!!

If that is still not convincing you then here are my 3 reasons as to why this is an opportunity that cannot be missed by Final Year students:

  1. Making meaningful connections with Event Professionals!

The 2014 competition saw GPJ and Blue Hat offering 2 jobs, and that meant we interacted with a range of people who work in quite senior positions at both companies. This included Kevin Jackson (VP of Business Development at GPJ) who was voted most influential events professional for 2013. These guys are not people you will be able to connect with normally, and participating in this competition is an opportunity for them to actually remember you – rather than just another person from another networking event!

  1. Learning valuable skills

There is always talk on how there is a big disconnect between the industry and what is being taught at university. Whilst uni does teach some incredibly useful skills such as researching, time management & learning to work within team structures – there is obviously things they are missing. With the Eventice everything is coming directly from the Event Professionals, therefore the skills learnt are going to be really beneficial! It was this competition that taught me the importance of presenting without notes, and in turn built up my confidence in public speaking!

  1. Focusing on my future & not just my degree.

I’ve never been the most academic and i’ve also always believed that our abilities should not just be determined by grades. Whilst there have been assignments I’ve enjoyed (alongside ones I have despised) final year seemed to be mainly focused on dissertation & less on helping students with what they will do when finished university. Taking part in the Eventice proved to me that I did have a wealth of skills, was heading into an interest that both excites and engages me & I am not just defined by my ability to write assignments.

Now I 100% understand that final year is filled with a lot of work, some of you have dissertations due in May (if not earlier) and currently that may be your main focus. You might be sitting there thinking ‘I haven’t got time to partake in a three-day interview!BUT I can tell you from experience you do!

You may know that my personal dissertation process was horrible, I was more than happy to focus of something anything that wasn’t that 10,000 word assignment – but I know hardly anyone who has been asked specifically about their dissertation in job interviews, unless bought up by the student. Also your dissertation only counts for a percentage of your overall grade, okay it is a higher percentage than your other assignments but it is not the only thing in which you are being judged on!

Also isn’t the whole point of spending 3 or 4 years gaining a degree so you can land a great job when you finish?

If you’re unsure that the jobs on offer are the type you want, don’t let that stop you! Whilst a large focus is on gaining a graduate job, I had applied before I knew what the two jobs where – it was about taking an opportunity, jumping out of my comfort zone & pushing myself to learn!

I can guarantee you that if you apply & make it to the final 15, the three days will be an amazing experience that will involve meeting some incredible peers, taking part in some exciting tasks & will leave you will a highly regarded and impressive element to add to your CV!

Now that you are prepping to apply, because after reading this mammoth post you will be, feel free to send me a tweet with any questions or if you prefer drop me an email (eventmanagementstudent@gmail.com)!

I am more than happy to help in any way that I can, because taking part in the Eventice last year was the best thing I did!

All the information on how to apply is HERE.

My video application can be watched HERE.

& all my previous posts about the Eventice can be read HERE.


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