What to do if you hate University & want to leave!


We are now only 1 week away from Christmas, hands up if you are still shopping for Christmas Gifts (here’s to hoping it’s not just mine)!!

In a pre-amble before we get cracking– next week there will not be any new posts, because it’s the Christmas holidays, and in that fashion, I have decided to take some time off. It also means that I have a bit of time to concentrate on what will be happening in 2015 for both ‘I’m a Damn Student’ and the #EventStudents Project!

So in the meantime, if you need something to-do whilst the Xmas dinner is cooking and the re-runs of Home Alone is not quite cutting it, feel free to read all the fantastic posts from the past 12 months & check back here on Tuesday 30th as we close off 2014 with a Bang!

Moving on to the serious topic for this Thursday’s post, one of the biggest question that university brings forward is have I made the right decision?

What if 2 years into your degree you decide that it is not what you want to do? The career path that you are studying for no-longer interests of excites you, or maybe you’ve learnt your skills lie elsewhere.

You are now half way, or over half way, to obtaining that valued piece of paper that says HEY YOU’RE REAL CLEVER*, but you are not enjoying it & now you have to answer the big question – what do you do now?

*no lie that’s basically what the degree says!

Sadly there is no universal answer. The situation is unique for each individual because everyone’s circumstances are different. The reasons behind why you are feeling this way will be different to mine, whilst it could be the university that you don’t like – it might be the actual career path that’s wrong from someone else. I’m not going to pretend that this post will answer that question of what you should do, because to do that I would need to know all the facts & how you ‘really’ feel.

However from personal experience there are a few things that MIGHT help you come to a decision.

Write a Pros and Cons list: In the past I have found it reassuring to write the positives and negatives of the situation. Being able to see all the reasons to either stay or go helped me put into perspective the long-term implications. When I was considering leaving after 3 months into my first year, it was the fact I didn’t have any time to find a new university before the cut-off deadline that pushed me to stay.

A list like this might help you in building a clearer picture on what the options are, more importantly it should help you pin point the things that are most important to you!

Think about your future: A lot of jobs now ask that people have a degree – not necessarily in a specific area but rather that applicants have gone onto study further education. There are a lot of skills that students learn over the 3 years just from being at University, such as time management & being able to work independently.

If there is another career path that you want to take in another industry, then it is worth looking at what current job specs are looking for. Do they ask for a degree in that field? Knowing things like this will help in gaining an understanding of what you will be able to do once you leave.

Talk to people you trust: Friends, Family, lecturers or even the student advice centre, the important thing is that you talk through your options with people who can support you and help you in making the right decision for you.

It can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming situation, the decision to leave or change courses at any point is no small feat – and sadly there will be a lot of people who will give you advice (even when you don’t want it). The number one thing you can do is make the decision that is right for you, not one that you think will make others happy but the one that will make YOU happy!

Have you ever been in this situation? What advice do you have? 



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