What is the difference between Smart-Casual & Casual?

Whilst this blog is a 2 posts a week type of blog, with a new post every Tuesday & Thursday. I’ve decided to add an additional short post on a Sunday throughout December – a 5 minute read!

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We are coming up to the time where most Second Year students are applying for Placements, Freshers are looking for Internships or work experience opportunities & final year students are on the hunt for the Graduate Jobs! Whilst this means most of your time shall be spent tackling the CV & application process (Cover Letter & Interview) – it is worth giving some thought to the whole clothing attire.

One of the hardest things to dress for is the smart-casual work wear – because what does that even mean? Is it casual or is it smart!?

Fear not this is my short summary of what smart-casual actually means & yes there is a massive difference between smart-casual and casual!!

Casual is what you will wear at the weekends, to uni & when little to no effort needs to be involved.

Smart-casual is not that. It’s dark jeans & a shirt/blouse. It’s boots & work appropriate dresses. It’s block colour jumpers.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking you can wear hoodies, branded t-shirts or scruffy trainers to an office that has a Smart-Casual code.

Really if you are heading to an interview & they say Smart-Casual then always dress towards the smarter end of the spectrum – first impressions count!

Do you work in a job that has strict clothing rules? 


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