It’s not because there is nothing to say.

It’s because there is too much & sometimes it becomes hard to get those thoughts down on paper.

There has been a lot of news reports about, and on, issues that cannot be ignored & to write about anything else right now would not feel right. It would feel too much like ignoring the problems – maybe it is not happening right in front of your face, or be something that has a direct effect on your life but that doesn’t mean you have the right to feign ignorance.

Whilst I was at university the small bubble of my course and friends was all I engaged in, we discussed reality TV shows and how hard it is to be a poor student with no money. But then you look outside that bubble, at national issues, global struggles and you realise how fortunate you are – how writing a 10,000 word dissertation is small fry when girls in other countries are denied the right to attend school!

Social Media might have made us more aware of issue facing people in other countries but we use it to bring people down on issues that are so ridiculous. Maybe I am just frustrated to have seen more tweets about Zoella than Eric Garner.

That people are angrier about a ghost writer than the deaths caused by police officers is absurd.

I know that this blanket statement does not refer to everyone, I am not thoughtless enough to insinuate this.  And yes, maybe you can put the blame on me for following the wrong people on social media.

Hell, I am guilty for getting wound-up about ridiculous things that we are lucky to have. Sure it’s frustrating to be waiting 20 minutes for a delayed train but at least I am living in a country that allows me to travel on my own, and does not relegate me to only having the mentality to be someone’s wife.

Seeing the news & the issues people are facing puts into perspective how small my own issues are. It makes me question why I get so stressed about things that are so inconsequential. Whilst University may feel like the only thing that matters, one look outside and you are quickly reminded how big this world is – one browse of BBC News and you are faced with a multitude of things to be thankful for.

There is no point to this.

I just needed to take these emotions and give them words. Write my view. Rant.

We need to change.

  • jackie scripps

    I definitely feel you on this <3

  • Ha, thanks Jackie – glad I am not the only one! 🙂