How to use the holidays to get things DONE!


December means we are inching closer and closer to Christmas & the New Year. Whilst I love the opportunity to sing along to cheesy Christmas music and eat my body weight in ALL THE FOOD, the thing I often find is it’s also the time I am least productive.

I blame it on all the festive films on TV and the promise of mulled cider with friends! However since finishing Uni, starting a new job & pretending to be a ‘real’ adult – I’m starting to learn the importance of using all my time better. The holiday, & break from work and university, is the perfect time to actually get a bunch of stuff done. Like all the things you placed on your New Years resolution list in January & never did!

We always make plans after New Year but why not start it all before the 1st of January?! Well here are a few ways to make Christmas a little more productive:

Pick 1 thing to concentrate on! 

There is no point spreading yourself too thin and getting stressed because you have aimed to achieve world domination in 2 short weeks! OH NO, it is all about enjoying you time away from you daily work load & getting that step closer to your goal!

The best idea is to pick one thing you have been meaning to do or are excited to start. For example that could be about learning how to start your own business (if you are looking to become self-employed when you finish university) or starting to learn a language – so focusing on understanding German vocabulary.

For me, my focus shall be about prepping this blog for 2015! Building a plan of topic ideas, scheduling timetable & how to reach more students. It is about working on something achievable that gives you something to aim for but the ability to just enjoy your break!

Surround yourself with things that motivate you!

I get really motivated when I read great books about great people, right now I am reading I am Malala, and from having great conversations with friends and family. Some people love a good Quote or watching inspiring TED talks – it is all about filling your time with things that will help focus you & make you excited to do some work, rather than just watching Christmas Films on Netflix’s & eating a whole box of celebrations! (Although that is not a bad plan on how to spend the holidays!

Make sure the tasks are manageable. 

Instead of just writing one to-do list with EVERYTHING written on it, plan it day by day. If you are wanting to learn a language set aside a certain amount of time each day in which to do just that! 

I am much more of a night owl when it comes to productivity, which is terrible when I have to get up at 5.30am for work! When setting time aside to do work, I usually put it between 9 & 11pm. Which means I can totally get away with setting up camp on the sofa during the day!

Remember its CHRISTMAS!

That means Friends, Family, Food & Fun! It also means time off from Uni & work, an opportunity to do what you like, and if that involves getting things DONE then that’s great! But don’t push yourself too hard, enjoy your holiday!

Jackie has written a fantastic post on productivity during the holidays & you should definitely check out the other amazing Bullish Bloggers, I guarantee you will feel empowered & inspired afterwards!! Each month they set a new topic for everyone to discuss and share their views on – last time it was all about great books for ballsy women!

Let me know what tips you have for being productive when the call for Mince Pies and Mulled Wine is just too much!!


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  • suzymarie56

    I am super excited to have a bit of extra time to get things done! I don’t have much time off but I am so looking forward to prepping my blog for next year (same as you!). This is a great post, full of good tips 🙂 xx

  • I know – the weekend is never enough time! Going to nice to have a few extra days to just spend some more time doing things!

    & thanks Suzy!