2014 Roundup


2014 has involved a lot of changes both in my personal life and with this blog, from winning the UK Blog Award for Best Individual Events Blog, graduating university and traveling around Europe in the Summer.

There has also been 103 posts published over the course of this year on ‘I’m a Damn Student, What Do I Know?’ & as next week involves 7 days of uninterrupted Netflix marathon, it feels only right to look back at some of the best posts from the last 12 months!


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How to Effectively search for a Job!


Why Young People Should Vote

Is Networking Easier because of Social Media?


Misconceptions associated with being an Events Management student

How relevant are Event Management degrees?


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National Blog Awards 2014

Tips for writing a Dissertation

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Event Conversations: Director and Co-Owner of School of Wok


Do Event Academics define the Events Industry too broadly?


Graduate Journey


#EventStudents Advice ‘Don’t reply on your degree to get you a career’

Applying to Uni through Clearing is NOT failing!

3 Easy Tricks to Living with Parents!


Winter Ambition: A Reading List for Ballsy Women

Festival Volunteering & Greenbelt 2014


How to create your own Festival & speak the Lingo!

How not to plan Comic-con!


Why you NEED to apply for the Eventice 2015!

Why you need Linkedin

It has been a pretty great 12 months & not to sound big-headed (but this will sound big-headed) there have been a lot of posts that I have been very proud to have written, above are just a handful that have been the most popular & I’ve enjoyed writing!!

So after you spend the next week reading all the posts above, go on over and check out 2014’s Top 100 Event Industry Blog Posts (my post on LinkedIn is featured!)

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    Yaaaay! Well done on another year of awesome blogging 🙂