Graduate Journey: November 2014


My my, how a month can change a lot of things! Last time I updated you I was still an unemployed, waiting-to-graduate Graduate!

Well you wonderful people, as you read this post I shall be officially graduating from the University of Gloucestershire. That’s right at 1pm today I shall be donning my gown and holding that scroll hight up in the sky – whilst attempting not to fall over in my heels! Six months after finishing my course and moving home it is time to say goodbye to the last four years!

It is a bitter-sweet moment, I’ve been out of education for six months – long enough that I’m settled and am glad to no longer be attempting to justify an argument with academic references, but also long enough to miss the freedom and independence that comes with studying. So whilst I am excited for this moment of ‘officially’ becoming a graduate it is a little sad – more so because of the student discount & the fact I am writing a blog with a name that sadly no longer applies for me! (Although I still know fairly little in the grand scheme of things!)

But I think the question most of you will have is about unemployment! Am I still sat at home filling in Job Applications? Ignoring all the advice I gave about searching for a job? Watching Netflixs in bed all week?

Well the answer to that is a simple NO!! Two small letters and yet it means so much!

I am currently working for George P Johnson – who you may remember was one of the companies who offered a job during the Eventice – they are an International Experimental Marketing Agency! The fact I get up at 5.30am because I have a 2 hour commute through Central London is not so fun, but the work and people more than make up for it.

The greatest aspect of the job is the fact its the first time I’ve worked somewhere and felt like an equal from the outset, maybe that’s because all the other jobs have been whilst I was still studying or on an internship; or maybe its a combination of being trusted and respected by people as well as feeling confident in where my strengths lie – but it is an amazing thing to be working somewhere that makes you excited.

The other exciting thing that has happened is I am also a registered freelancer, both something that feels me with absolute dread as I have to pay my own NI & taxes but also makes me quite excited to take on some new and exciting opportunities!

The end of October was a successful period & it was always my aim to gain a job prior to my graduation – partially because it falls exactly 6 months after leaving & also because I don’t do very well-being bored and at home! There is the small aspect that I didn’t want to be the only one without fulltime employment, but I have always said that it is about finding the right job for you & sometimes that takes a while!

How are all of your graduate journeys? Are you working or still looking? Is it where you expected to be??


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