Events that all #EventStudents should attend!

Last Month I attended Square Meal, which was also my first attempt at making a vlog! I spoke about how great it can be to attend industry events, and as I am heading to Event Tech Live this Thursday I thought it would be worthwhile to collate a list of events that are worth attending if you are an Event Student!

Square Meal’s Venue & Events

This event showcases the top venues across the UK & in London, as well as a range of suppliers. It is a great one for students to attend as it does showcase some of the biggest venues, as well as attracting a large number of event professionals – with the 2014 event attracting 7,000 attendees.

If you are thinking about working within a venue, catering etc then this event is a really good one to go for, you will start to see some of the trends & companies that you may want to get in contact with after graduating.

It is free to attend (with either Lunch or Breakfast being provided if you pre-register) & will take place next year at Old Billingsgate on the 16th & 17th September 2015.

Event Tech Live

I haven’t been to this event before, but earlier this year when at Confex I attended a panel about Event Technology, and it became apparent that this is an area that is completely missed by event Degrees. Since graduating, and starting my career it is very clear that Event Tech is where things become interesting, it is a massive part of the industry & covers so many different aspects. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Juraj Holub who works for &  Jose Bort who is the CEO and co-founder of Pickevent – & these are fantastic companies who work in a part of the Events Industry that, prior to Graduating, I never knew even existed!

So this event is definitely worth attending as they have some fantastic panels, speakers and exhibitors! Perfect opportunity to learn more about Event Tech! It is happening THIS THURSDAY 13th November at the Old Truman Brewery, its free to attend & is jam-packed to the brim with great talks!

(if you are coming then please drop me a tweet!)

International Confex (& the Event Production Show)

Last year these two events were split, with the Event Production Show happening in February (which is where the Eventice competition took place!) & Confex in March. However this year they are being merged together. Confex was one of the best events that I’ve been too, with the panels being really interesting and engaging – they focus a lot on providing educational content as well as great keynote speakers (with Karen Brady in 2014). As I was participating in the Eventice I didn’t actually get to see much of the Production Show, but as it is joined with Confex for 2015 it is really worth coming along to these events!

If you are not entering the Eventice (be it that you are not in Final year) then I would strongly STRONGLY recommend that you come on down to this event to both support you fellow Event Students & attend an event that is always filled with great panels, speakers & exhibitors!

It is free and is happening on the 18th and 19th February 2015 at Olympia, London.

World Travel Market

I sadly didn’t get to attend last week, but social media went crazy for this event! The wonderful Irina (The MICE Blog) has written a great summary post about her time there. In comparison to the other events, this is much more focused for students who are interested in Tourism & Leisure as well as events – there seemed to be a really diverse amount of people who attended & I think it is fantastic that there were panels and talks on blogging and how its being used (which some of you may find interesting, as I have I no doubt that a few of you write blogs as well!)

This event is free if you pre-register & shall be back late 2015.

 The Meeting Show

In July you may remember that I attended a Panel about accreditation & certifications, which was very interesting and taught me a lot about where the Industry stands in comparison with others. This event is focused on the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions/Events) part of the events industry & is a perfect event to come to if that is where you see your career going. They had some interesting panels and talks throughout the two days, which are always worth going too!

It is free and will be at Olympia, London on the 7th-9th July 2015.

So in summary these are just a few of the events that event professionals attend, and are worth visiting whilst you are at University. I do understand that as these are all held in London it won’t be ideal for all of you – which I totally get! However if you do want to try to attend just 1 of these then I would personally recommend Confex, partly as it brings together two exhibitions BUT more before they support the Eventice and focus a lot of attention to students & teaching event professionals.

As I said in the vlog, you should not attend these events with your CV in hand & on a hunt to find a job – rather these are opportunities to meet and network with event profs from many different sectors, as well as a chance to learn about what and where the industry is planning on going! You never know where a connection will lead!

So I hope to see some of you guys at these events over the next 12 months, don’t be afraid to drop me a tweet or come and have a chat if you see me!!

Do you know of any other events that you would recommend to Event Students?? 


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  • Guest

    That’s a fantastic
    summary! I can also add IMEX Frankfurt because they have a dedicated programme
    for event students, called IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum. When I attended
    it back in 2012 they had excellent talks on sustainability, personal
    developments, career development, site-visits and more.

  • Irina Trofimovskaya

    That’s a fantastic summary! I can also add IMEX Frankfurt because they have a dedicated programme for event students, called IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum. When I attended it back in 2012 they had excellent talks on sustainability, personal developments, career development, site-visits and more!

  • Great list! Many thanks for the shout-out, Caitlin! Feels great to be featured on your blog.

  • Thanks Juraj – did you go to Event Tech Live yesterday?

  • I shall add IMEX to the list – I actually heard a lot of people mention this event! Plus anything that really gears it’s program towards students (and future leaders) is doing something right!