Event Tech Live 2014


So last Thursday I spent the day at Event Tech Live, surprisingly not attending panels but filming the event with Cos Rental & Hatty for an event roundup (which I shall share with you as soon as it is done!)

I listed Event Tech Live as one of the events students should try & attend – and whilst I missed a majority of the talks, there was a lot of good comments about the programme.  However I did get to meet  some amazing exhibitors, who all had fantastic opinions on Event Tech and where it is going, because of this  I wanted to quickly tell you about three companies that I think Event Students should know about! **That’s not to say however, that all the others are not fantastic as well!**

Social Playground

Lets start with Social playground – a live instant instagram printer. I think you understand why this made the list – because let’s be honest most students use instagram & most students love photo booths & social playground is like the best of both worlds!

The reason I wanted to share this one with you guys, is because it would work amazingly at most student run events – i.e during Freshers week or at the Summer Ball!


Then we have Pickevent – a company that I have met before & have seen used at quite a lot of events. Pickevent really helps create an experience before, during and after the event & that enables the engagement level to increase, and extend the opportunities for networking and connecting.

They also have an understanding of students, and where they stand when graduating uni and entering the industry!

Tweet Wall Pro

and finally we have Tweet Wall Pro – because as a twitter addict, who doesn’t love a wall that shows all the tweets and Instagram pictures live whilst the event is running? Great idea for student events & perfect way to bring together a series of events happening across different campuses!

Originally I had this planned as last Thursday’s post but then I fell asleep & decided that a weekend of One Tree Hill watching was a much more productive weekend than posting this post! Sometimes you just have to take sometime away from the internet!

But in other news #EventStudents project has its own website – very shiny and exciting!! I may be bias but it is definitely worth a look around!

& exciting this blog is nominated once again in the UK Blog Awards, and you are more than welcome to give me a little vote within the events category by clicking here! I won last year, so it is not about coming out with an award again but more the opportunity to see some other event talent shining through! (also have a look at all the nominees as there is some fantastic blogs across all the different categories!)


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