December #EventBlogChat – Live Blogging


Hello fellow event blogger, on Monday it is our last #EventBlogChat of 2014!

Originally when we started these chats over 6 months ago, both myself and Irina where unsure about what would happen – we just wanted the chance to talk to like-minded individuals and to both learn and share our knowledge on blogging!

It is amazing some of the things we’ve learnt and the people we have been able to connect with – because you guys are so involved and active it’s been getting better and better each month! Hopefully we shall see you on the chat, Monday & then back in 2015!

If you have any topic’s that you want to talk about or have expertise that you want to share then please drop either myself or Irina a tweet! We welcome any suggestions!

So after all that waffle it is time to introduce December’s #EventBlogChat topic: Live Blogging! Similar to tweeting through a TV show, live blogging is about uploading content whilst the event is taking place.

Q1. Who do you think Live Blogging benefits? Organisers, people unable to attend the event or Event Bloggers?

Q2. What is the best way to go about Live Blogging? On your phone, laptop etc

Q3. How much time during the event do you spend on Live Blogging?

Q4. Do you think Live Blogging can distract you from the event and lead to missing networking opportunities?

Q5. What recommendations can you give someone about Live Blogging?

We can’t wait to see you all on Monday at 9pm GMT for our discussion on Live Blogging, just remember to use the hashtag #EventBlogChat.

Also if it’s not too early we hope you have a Great Christmas and New Year!

Thanks, Caitlin and Irina


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